A New Lease of Life – Carolyn’s Testimonial

Carolyn joined our first Course of Treatment when we opened in May 2019. After just two and a half months at our Centre, Carolyn has witnessed her health and well-being turn around dramatically as she describes below:

“Since May 2019 my life has transformed.  I embarked on a life changing journey which is already proving a better quality of life. To date, this journey has been short [just over two months] but from the way I already feel and look I can confirm that it is well worth it!

Throughout my life I have participated competively in dance, sporting and musical events, enjoyed keeping fit and being with family and friends. Being an active individual, I experienced many knocks and bumps resulting in stitches, broken bones and sprains. On many occasions I had bumps and blows to the head, some of which weren’t examined medically, and so I bounced back, carrying on as normal.

When turning 16 I started to experience bowel cramps and aches and pains in my joints, this has been with me ever since.  Certain food groups increased my bowel discomfort leaving me wondering, “What can I eat?” In addition to this, I have suffered from varying degrees of allergies to dust, pollen and animals. I have tried and tested different forms of medication in an attempt to ease the symptoms. [Please see our Symptomology for a list of the most common health conditions which we treat.]

For many years I have battled on working through aches and pains, extreme bowel discomfort, continuous illnesses, sleepless nights and reducing levels of energy! I have been prescribed all forms of drugs for the label of ‘IBS’, pain relief for joint aches, medication for allergies and antibiotics to help with continued throat and sinus infections. Being a mum of two and working full time is always busy and I believed I did not have time to be unwell! On many occasions people have said to me, “Maybe you are too busy, stress might be causing your illnesses!” I always knew I didn’t feel stressed, I was just desperate to be well and anxious about my health.

At the age of 33 I noticed a change in my energy levels, strength, health and well being and bowel! Things did not improve from then on. Over a prolonged period of time I had; MANY blood tests, internal examinations testing for bowel conditions and spent money on alternative therapies having no noticeable life changing differences. Throughout all of this I have continued to watch our two boys, now aged 11 and 10, grow and develop, achieve many goals and been by their side every step of the way. For the past two years my physical well being has stopped me from being able to fully engage in the sports we enjoy doing as a family. This has been emotionally challenging for me and my family. Our boys often question, “When will you be well enough to take part again?”  I have worked hard not to let my health stop me from being involved in the busy family routine and developing professionally in my current position as a Acting Headteacher. It was only this year that I started to question my business and wondering if it was causing all my health struggles?!

At the start of this year, 2019, my busy life came to a complete standstill. I became very unwell with a gastric flu, tonsillitis and an ear infection. This put my life on hold! I could not work or be the mum I had been up until this point. I took two weeks off work then tried to return. This pattern of returning to work and being off continued for a period of 4 and a half months. During my time off all I did was sleep, rest and visit the doctors. The rest and time away from work did not seem to be enough to get me back on my feet, feeling energised and illness free!

In April of 2019 my mum encouraged me to read about a new centre opening in Inverness. She directed me to this website and I did the required reading and thought, “That’s not me, I have never had whiplash nor am I in chronic pain!” I did not believe I warranted treatment from the team. Over two days I kept being drawn back to the site, reading things over again.  It was only after speaking to Alison, and reading her story and symptomology on the site, that I realised I needed the team’s help.

My debilitating health problems have been closely examined by the Chronic Pain team and the root cause to my health conditions have been traced back to an injury I sustained at 5 years old. [This is ascertained at the beginning of the Course through a comprehensive Medical History stretching back to birth and an assessment examination.] At this age I was hit full force, in the face, by a golf club which resulted in a whiplash effect in my neck causing a cervical lesion in my spine!

The Trident Concept upon which this Centre is based is transforming my life; I believe I’ve hit the jackpot! I now think differently and look and feel like a ‘new me!’ Pain I have lived with for a long time has already dissipated [in the space of just 2.5 months.] The pain in my face no longer haunts me throughout the day. Joint aches and pains are improving and my bowel is being cared for in a completely different way…… giving me a new lease of life!!! Since embarking on this journey discomfort is managed in a mindful way and my life is productive in a way I have never experienced before. My family and friends have commented on how much I have changed and how well I look. I am reaping the benefits from being a patient of the Centre and being a member of the weekly meditation group which is imperative to the overall Course. My new medication is ‘The Trident Concept!’

I am now back at work managing a 3 day week, feeling alive with my family and enjoying every minute of being able to get up and get out my house without the thought, “How am I going to get through today?” As I type this, tears role down my face, tears of extreme joy!!

I am excited about what’s ahead (as I am only a fraction of the way through the Course), my SAT treatments, the group meditation sessions and working with the Chronic Pain team to help heal my body.

Carolyn, 38, Acting Head Teacher, Inverness


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