About Us

Background to the Centre and The Trident Concept

The Highland Chronic Pain and Whiplash Centre was founded by myself, Alison Salter in collaboration with my SAT Osteopath, Clifford Conway as a response to my personal journey to recovery from a life of chronic pain, tension and difficulty due to traumas sustained at birth and as a young child.

My own journey to recovery through the osteopathic treatment of SAT, Mindfulness Meditation and Pilates, inspired me to spread the word of this collaborative approach to treatment and the possibilities of change which it offers, whilst also educating people as to the root causes of chronic pain.

The collaborative approach of SAT-Mindfulness-Pilates/Somatics is embodied in The Trident Concept© which is central to the ethos and treatment approach of this Centre.


There are three broad strands to our work at the Centre:

Raising Awareness of our unique Treatment Concept

Our aims are:

  • To improve the physical and mental health of adults already suffering from deteriorating health conditions
  • To prevent the onset of such health problems in adulthood by treating babies as close to birth as possible
  • To raise awareness nationwide of this unique approach with a view to preventing and reducing chronic health complaints, and particularly to bring the osteopathic treatment of SAT into the understanding and awareness of the general public
  • To move SAT into a new phase of evolution whereby it is linked with the more accessible healing modalities of Mindfulness and Pilates to create a whole body-mind healing process
  • To train new SAT practitioners throughout the UK

If you are considering whether our treatment is relevant for you, we recommend that you read our Symptomology page which outlines the most common symptoms of an upper cervical spine injury.