Ali’s Story

Joining the Trident concept Course was a big commitment but after years of various quick-fix treatments I put my faith in Alison and the amazing Osteo team for longer term change. I have not been disappointed and would go as far as to say this has not only begun to change my life by giving me a physical freedom I have not felt in years (I am only part way through treatment) but has cemented a new lifestyle and philosophy I was searching for! Opening myself to the powers of mindfulness, meditation and body awareness through Alison’s Pain Management and Reduction Meditation sessions and her constant encouragement and support has been transformational. This is complimented by the work of the Osteo team to offer in total, a full Mind-Body-Spirit transformation and now makes 100% sense. I look forward to completing the rest of the course and beginning the pilates in Stage 3 and am now keen to introduce my son and others to the knowledge of the HCPWC Team.