Helen’s Story

Following nearly ten years of visiting various consultants, googling the internet and reading ‘experts’ research relating to my gradual decline in my health, I was eventually led to Clifford Conway, an osteomyologist working from ‘Stillpoint’ in Kendal. His approach of treating the root causeof my issues, rather than the symptoms made sound sense, and although I realised this would be a longer journey than the quick-fix method I had been offered in the past, I completely put my trust in the body’s desire to self-heal, and the specific techniques he used to set this healing process in motion.

It’s difficult to remember how debilitating things had become; due to painful nerve pain in my left leg and right shin, and muscle aches almost everywhere, especially in my thoracic region, I had trouble standing, walking or driving for any length of time. It was also difficult to feel comfortable sitting on a chair or lying in bed, and no amount of gym work, or my usual yoga practice made any difference, in fact, it seemed to increase the tension and pain in my body. One ‘eminent consultant’ in muscular skeletal system and biomechanics evaluated that my problem was caused by a leg length discrepancy of 1.3cm and gait anomalies, and at the cost of nearly four hundred pounds, I embarked on life with orthotics, but they only exacerbated the leg and back pain!

A recommendation from a neighbour drew me to Clifford, who quickly assessed me as an ideal patient for S.A.T, and my healing journey then finally began! I had been conditioned by the NHS and some private consultants in their limited one-angled understanding of medicine, and the ‘treating the end resulting problem’ approach that my particular condition could only be treated with orthotics, a drug, or a ‘learn to live with and resign myself to the fact that it was just signs of ageing. It was the first time anyone had ever mentioned the crucial part the spine and Central Nervous System might be playing in my health, and over the following year, Clifford worked on ‘resetting’ it.

The SAT treatment took about 5 months to complete. I am now moving into my second year following the SAT treatment, and making ever fewer visits to Clifford, and taking more control of my own healing with daily Alexander technique/Pilates/Somatics to strengthen and rebalance muscles, paying equal attention to the mind-body connection in the process. I would say that about 80% of my main problems have vanished, and my body is steadily adjusting to different postural movements and structural changes. I am now able to enjoy some of the activities my health was depriving me from. And, hey, my legs are now the same length! I think back to how someone so ‘eminent’ in their field had not even considered that my legs were different lengths simply because my hips were not level, and in turn, my hips were not level because of an injury to my upper spine which was causing compensations and unevenness downwards through my body!!

I will continue on this journey now for life, with huge trust in this life-changing process, and full appreciation for the skilled practitioners in this particular treatment.

Helen Roe Lancaster Feb ‘19