Jake’s Story

When I first met Alison and Gez, who was responsible for my first osteopathic treatment, I was at my end. Physically the year preceding had seen me decline from an athlete hanging on by a tether to his pride joy and sanity to a sombre and humbled 25year old dependent on a zimmerframe to even get around the house.

That first treatment restored my nervous system to the point that I could see where I was going (literally and with a vision to vitality and wellness) and I got rid of the zimmerframe as soon as I left my appointment! After the next appointment, I got rid of my walking stick and after my third appointment I am back working! The last two months I have regained so much independence that I feared once was lost for good. After the last few years of emotional and physical decline I am now improving at a rate ten times quicker which is extraordinary considering where I got to at such a young age. The centre has definitely helped in saving my life. No doubt. And I’m not even half way through the osteopathic course….. I am so grateful we can access these professionals all the way up here in the north. If like me you’ve lived In That state of discomfort for so long it is hard to imagine wellness. I will do all I can to act as ambassador for a centre that has saved my life.