Annie’s Story

Annie’s Story
I first met Clifford approximately 2 years ago when my baby girl would not lie on her back at all. She had horrible reflux and colic and the fact we couldn’t get her to lie down meant we got very little sleep…and she screamed all evening long too. I found Clifford on the Internet and took her along, hoping for a miracle. That miracle came true, after the first session with Clifford, she was hugely improved and she was very soon a very different baby! Happy, content and was perfectly happy going to sleep on her back.

I then decided to see Clifford when I suddenly had problems with my own back (which Clifford had warned might happen when he observed me during a visit). I had never linked some of my other health issues to my spine before, but very soon I was feeling a whole lot better. My back felt better, pains /aches in my groin and neck suddenly disappeared and a cough which conventional medical approaches could never deal with, vanished!

I then found out I was pregnant again and had a number of appointments with Clifford prior to birthing again. He had explained how treatment could alleviate symptoms of pregnancy and help with the birthing process. My delivery was quick (active labour 3 1/2 hours), less painful (managed without any pain relief or gas and air) and all together better than my first labour and I’m convinced that was due to the preparations with Clifford.

I obviously took my second baby to see Clifford and after problems with wind/colic he is now a happy, smiley content little boy who brings his wind up a lot easier and feeds 100% better than he was doing prior to seeing him. The difference is unbelievable.

I can’t stress enough how much Clifford can help with a huge range of issues. I think every pregnant woman and baby should definitely go and see him.

July 2016

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