Michelle’s Story

My son had difficulties with breast feeding in the first few weeks of his life. He would feed almost constantly throughout the day and every 2 hours through the night. It was exhausting. He was always hungry and seemed to take ages to finish a feed and then half an hour later, he would be ready for the next one! As if he wasn’t getting a decent amount. He seemed to be struggling and not getting much milk from one breast. The pain on this breast was excruciating – I had to wear a nipple shield to keep the breast feeding going at all.

He also had problems with reflux and was prescribed Gaviscon. I reluctantly gave it to him but I am generally against such small babies being medicated – I do not believe a baby should start life on medication! There must be an underlying issue if babies need medication surely??He did also have many nights where he would not sleep and was crying inconsolably, bringing his knees up as if in pain. I was told by midwives that this was ‘normal’…

I took him to see Clifford when he was 6 weeks old to see if cranial osteopathy would help. Clifford explained that babies should not be like this although most are, purely because the causes of reflux etc are not understood and that just because it is ‘the norm’ that doesn’t make it acceptable.

Clifford said there was some tension around his eyes and jaw. My son was very calm during the treatment and seemed to be really enjoying it! He slept a lot after the treatment. And over the next couple of weeks (Clifford said that it might take this amount of time for the treatment to take effect), he began to sleep for longer periods at night. Sleep stretches increased bit by bit until by ten weeks he was sleeping about 7 hours through the night. After another month or so, this had increased to 10hours and then by about 16 weeks he was sleeping a standard 12 hours through the night…every night. My son is now almost one year old and since having cranial osteopathy he has slept 12-13 hours uninterrupted every night. We have had perhaps ten nights from 4month-12months where he has woke up because of teething issues.

We also found that reflux eased after the treatment and he didn’t need the Gaviscon after the first couple of months. Throughout the first year of his life, he has been the easiest, content, smiley baby ever! The first thing strangers comment on is ‘what a content happy giggly baby’ he is! He has been extremely easy to combi feed and wean – he is not at all fussy about what he eats or drinks. He was eating normal food i.e bolognaise, steak and chicken (ground up), all fruit and veg, just one week into weaning…in huge amounts!! There are no foods that he will not or can not eat.

In our case, the feeding issues we found out were due to tongue tie; once it was snipped, his feeding did improve too. I have heard other mums say though that cranial osteopathy helped their baby feed where there was no tongue tie issue.

I have no doubt that cranial osteopathy helped with colic and reflux, made my son much more content, and allowed him to sleep soundly through the night from four months of age. This allowed me to get some rest and recover from the birth, and regain some normality back in my life. I am immensely grateful that I discovered cranial osteopathy as it has helped me steer clear of medicating my son and I now have an extremely content, giggly, healthy baby who sleeps and eats like a trooper! The first year of his life has been so easy as a result.


-Michelle’s Story, Preston 2018

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