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I have been a pupil with Alison at the Inverness Music School since May 2017, learning to play clarinet and more recently saxophone.   Healthwise, I have an autoimmune condition and symptoms can include dry mouth, eyes and skin as well as low energy and joint pain.

During the music lessons with Alison we got to know one another and through discussions about her own journey to health, through osteomyology, it became clear to me that the Specific Adjustment Technique or SAT which she had undertaken, might help me to improve my health – and in turn, my energy for learning and playing.

Alison accompanied me to the first visit to meet Clifford Conway at Still Point Osteomyology Centre in Kendal, to have the initial assessment to see if I was a suitable candidate for SAT treatment.  I’ve now completed 8 treatments. So far, I sleep very well and have seen improvements to my health, most notably higher energy levels and fewer instances of joint pain – and no colds – something which had been a regular occurance for years.  I am aware there are times when I have a normal saliva-filled mouth too, before it gets dry once more. My breathing airflow has improved by about 10% and I have been able to resume twice weekly visits to the gym, steadily upping the intensity and duration of the workouts.  The gym was rarely possible before SAT.

At the same time, I have also started Mindfulness, or meditation classes, to help understand the changes in my body.  This has been an invaluable part of managing my health, with deep breathing to support a calmer but alert mind, with my body at rest.  The combination of SAT and Mindfulness have enabled me to improve my options for self-care, due to less pain and higher levels of energy and motivation.  I socialise more, cook more and plan ahead more, no longer worried that I’ll cancel at the last minute if I have a dip in energy.

No other interventions I have tried have had any real impact on my autoimmune condition, so my approach prior to SAT had to be about managing the symptoms rather than seeking to address the causes.  Trying SAT has enabled me to rethink this – by seeking to adjust the body skeleton, which affects the nervous system, which in turn can impact on the functioning of the immune system. Clifford also undertook specific work to improve my lung function.

For me there has been a real connection between my health and well-being and my motivation to do ‘stuff’.  Without SAT I may never have progressed on a journey to health and to think about my health incorporated into everyday life and not as an endless daily chore focussed on symptoms management alone.

I now look forward to continuing my journey to improved health through Mindfulness, music and exercise.

Vivienne, Inverness – (updated) March 2019   

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