Meet Our Team of Mindfulness and Osteopathic Practitioners

All of our Osteopathic Practitioners at the Centre have been carefully selected from around the UK and Europe for their knowledge and vast experience in the field of Specific Adjustment Technique (SAT). They are all graduates of The European School of Osteopathy in Kent – the only place in Europe where SAT is taught – and all use SAT regularly in their own osteopathic practices.

(From left to right) Shafique Bhanji D.O, Sarah Sidoli D.O, Alison Salter, Centre Founder and Manager, Clifford Conway BSc (Hons) Ost, Gez Lamb D.O, Camille Sautereau-Chandley M.Ost, James Conway M.Ost

It should also be noted that all of our practitioners have themselves suffered a positional lesion to their cervical spine at some point in their life and so they understand from a patient perspective as well as an osteopath’s, the resulting symptoms and the complex mind-body healing journey of the Central Nervous System which begins with SAT treatment. The work of all of our Practitioners at this Centre is borne out of sheer passion and gratitude for how SAT has transformed their own health.

Alison Salter
Centre Founder and Manager, Mindfulness for Pain Management and Reduction Course Director

Practitioners - Alison SalterAlison discovered Specific Adjustment Technique by chance in 2013 via her own route to recovery following a long standing spinal injury which stemmed back to childhood and birth itself. Read Alison’s Story which documents her own journey back to full health and the formation of this Centre. Alison is a multi instrumentalist musician and is also the founder and owner of Inverness Music School (Now known as Sound’s Creative and part of this Centre). After many years of worsening pain, Alison stopped playing music because of the severe discomfort and tension which her injury caused. This meant that she could not devote the necessary amount of time to practice each day and so in recent years, she has devoted her time solely to teaching and developing the Music School.

The idea for this Chronic Pain Centre was conceived in 2016 after Alison witnessed a hugely liberating and enlightening level of health and pain free experience following SAT treatment with her practitioner Clifford Conway. The improvements in Alison’s health were so life changing that Alison developed an overwhelming passion for raising awareness of the effectiveness of this treatment in order to help others with similar health problems; namely, those symptoms diagnosed as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, all manner of mobility problems from the hips down to the feet and asthma diagnosed in childhood. Alison has dedicated several years to increasing her knowledge and depth of understanding of SAT Osteopathy and the connections with Meditation for Pain Reduction and Management.

As part of Alison’s own healing journey alongside SAT, Alison began practising Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Management. The profound changes this practice brought about in Alison’s everyday life led her on to train with Breathworks, one of the leading Mindfulness organisations based here in the UK but now operating in 28 countries worldwide. She is now a Breathworks accredited Mindfulness for Health and Stress Teacher. Alison has invested much time and research into the formation of a combinative whole body-mind healing programme through the modalities of SAT, Breathworks based Mindfulness for Pain Management and Pilates. Over the last couple of years, Alison has helped many people throughout the UK and now internationally, to move through the healing process following SAT, helping to reduce pain to move on to a much lighter and more fulfilling life. Please read our Testimonials page.

The culmination of this experience, study and research is the unique Trident Concept© and the resulting Course of Treatment here at this Centre. This will be the first of many such Centres across the UK to have the Trident Concept© at their core and are currently involved with the training of new SAT practitioners from across Europe.

The principles of SAT, Mindfulness Meditation and Pilates meld perfectly together to create a whole mind-body-spirit mode of treatment. Together, their profound healing qualities have ultimately not only allowed and driven Alison to found this Centre, but have also brought about a renewed vitality and view on life which embodies a profound sense Presence, Balance and Inner Strength found through connecting Mind, Body and Spirit. 

After becoming a Mum herself in 2018, Alison also now has a strong interest in the prevention of cranial strain patterns in babies. Alison’s own injury and the 30 years of compromised health which she endured as a result, developed from an untreated strain pattern from her own birth. Consequently, she is passionate about raising awareness of preventative treatment in babies. This preventative interest lies at the heart of our Baby Clinic here at the Centre (re-opening 2021).

As CPD, Alison has spent the last two years training as an Energy Alignment Practitioner, This is an alternative to Meditation and is a very accessible method of releasing those belief systems and emotional elements of our Being which hold us back in the past and prevent us from being Present enough to create a new future.

Our Team at this Centre all embody the ethos and principles behind The Trident Concept and all it’s elements.

Clifford Conway BSc (Hons) Ost
Co-Founder and Principal SAT Practitioner

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in 1996 as a mature student, after completing the four year degree course. I established my practice named ‘Still Point’ in the Lake District, which continues now in the ‘hands’ of my son James who also graduated from the ESO in 2018 and will be working here at this Centre too. I now work part time in ‘semi- retirement’.

I have spent the last 25 years working with SAT and helping people move on from chronic pain. As Co-founder of the Centre, I bring this technique to Scotland (there are no resident SAT practitioners north of the border) and I am now enthusiastically involved in raising greater awareness of both SAT and the Trident concept©.

The Centre focuses on individuals who have a history of pain and fatigue along with multiple symptoms representing musculoskeletal dysfunction plus functional disorders for which conventional medical treatments have failed to be less than effective.

Specific Adjusting Technique (SAT) has been a major influence on my treatment philosophy since my pre-graduate years. It has been a large part of my practice life and was passed on to me by Tom Dummer. Tom was a revolutionary osteopath who developed SAT from its infancy in the 1950’s. He was the co-founder and principal of the European School of Osteopathy, a friend and second father to me.

Combined with cranial osteopathy, SAT is the most profound treatment approach for post traumatic situations – no matter how much time has passed since the traumatic incident. SAT addresses and balances Mind-Body-Spirit by reaching out to the Mind at the unconscious level. SAT melds perfectly with the Breathworks-based Pain Management and Reduction approach. Together, they move the body towards new possibilities in healing.  SAT not only became my preferred model of treatment – it is my belief system and encompasses my whole life; the balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.

The collaborative approach of the Trident Concept© which is a first in the UK and is unique to this Centre creates the possibility of addressing a lifetime of chronic pain, symptoms and illness. The legacy of Tom Dummer can now live on through his lifetimes work; both now and in the future.

Footnote:  From 1996-2010 I was registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). I then worked and was registered for eight years with the Association of Osteomyologists (TAO) whose founder, Dr Sir Alan Clemens was awarded a knighthood for services to complimentary medicine. Since semi retirement in August 2018, I now work independently as an SAT and Cranial therapist.

Sarah Sidoli D.O

Sarah Sidoli

Sarah qualified as an osteopath in 1994, since that time she has been been working with specific adjustment technique (SAT) with very profound and long lasting results.

Soon after qualifying in 1994 Sarah was given a course of treatment by a very experienced osteopath called Tom Dummer who used S.A.T. to correct a worsening neck and back injury that she sustained as a child in a riding accident. His approach was life changing and transformational, and she is now totally free of pain.

Sarah herself studied S.A.T  and now also works with this powerful technique committed to helping others with chronic neck and back pain in the same way. During her years of practice she discovered that emotional blocks release easily and without any processing at the same time that painful and chronic strains were released.

She has over 25 years experience as a practitioner and has also worked in Switzerland and Germany. Now living in Devon with her husband, two sons and 3 horses and still rides regularly.

Sarah is very privileged to be involved in the very much needed SAT Highland Clinic being the first of its kind in the UK which she feels will be pivotal to the evolution of this unique approach.

Shafique Bhanji M.Ost D.O GDK
SAT Practitioner

Osteopathy is more than my job or career. Osteopathy is the life I lead everyday: It is how I understand the world around me and It is a never ending journey into nature itself. I am passionate about this work and how it can help people suffering a variety of ailments to find harmony within themselves. Everyday I am amazed the effect that better balance through the physical body has on the mind and spirit.

I treat new born babies to the elderly, from sports people to pregnant women, dancers to yoga/pilates instructors.

I understand the effect of physical trauma, occupational stress/strain or emotional trauma has on the structure and function of the body. Through treatment I discover how to engage the communication networks of the body and restore patients to better health.

I have extensive experience in the treatment of new born babies and children. I believe osteopathic intervention at this critical period following birth is especially important in how life unfolds thereafter. I have also studied birth physiology with Michel Odent ́s Doula course and understand the needs of the pregnant and labouring woman.

In order to deepen my understanding of osteopathy I am always updating my knowledge through yearly CPD. This includes Biodynamic and Paediatric osteopathy, advanced osteopathic techniques as well as various osteopathic conferences to keep up to date with the latest scientific advances. I currently have my own osteopathic practice in Switzerland.

Camille Sautereau-Chandley M.Ost
SAT Practitioner

I trained and graduated from the European School of Osteopathy. Having treated a wide range of patients at established clinics across Kent and East Sussex, I have developed an engaging communication style and believe that active listening with ears and hands is key to successful treatment.

I recently moved to Shropshire due to my love of the outdoors and hill-walking and have since set up my own practice in Shrewsbury. I am particularly experienced in treating expectant mothers (pre and post partum) and babies and children throughout their development.

I am continuously motivated to learn more and deepen my working knowledge and have continued to work in osteopathic education as a clinic tutor and lecturing assistant for undergraduate students at the ESO. Having a dual French/British nationality and speaking multiple languages has gained me access to work with the international faculty of tutors for students completing their osteopathic education from Europe and Russia.

Outside of treatment, I practise Yoga, Pilates and Meditation and use elements of these practices in treatment to further my understanding of the anatomy and functions of the body and posture. I feel that my appreciation and personal practice of meditation ties in well with the Breathworks Mindfulness programme.

My personal interest in working at the Highland Chronic Pain and Whiplash Centre stems from personally sustaining a troublesome high-speed whiplash injury. I struggled with symptoms from a positional lesion needing correction with SAT from the pioneer practitioner Gerald Lamb DO (also involved in this Centre), as all other treatments had failed to provide enduring relief. My personal journey with SAT has inspired me to help others recover from similar traumatic experiences.

Sarah Hunt

Sarah HuntI have practised as a Pilates Instructor for over 20 years and have built two successful businesses and pioneered Pilates in Scotland, one of the first of four in Scotland. I established a flagship studio in Inverness offering clients an apparatus and matwork facility – the first of its kind in the Highlands. I have also mentored, developed and trained instructors from across the UK and Europe, as well as led and participated in workshops globally. I am dedicated to the progression and development of the Pilates Profession and have awarded much energy into injecting a new way of thinking into the Pilates field, using influencers and knowledge from the Fitness and Health sectors. I work in collaboration with the Mindfulness and SAT Teams at this Centre to rebalance and re-strengthen participants following their progression through the Mindfulness and SAT elements. My connection with the Centre began 4 years ago when I rehabilitated Alison herself following her own journey through SAT. My work helps to maintain the improvements gained throughout the course into the future.

SAT Training











We are committed to training up new SAT practitioners as we move towards our aim of founding more SAT-based Chronic Pain Centres throughout the UK.

We estimated there were around seven practising SAT osteopaths in the UK prior to the incentive to open The Highland Chronic Pain and Whiplash Centre. We are dedicated to the training of new SAT Practitioners in a bid to make this treatment approach more readily available throughout the UK and further afield.

Please Contact Us if you are a graduate of The European School of Osteopathy and would like to take part in one of our upcoming CPD Specific Adjustment Technique training events.

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