Sergeja’s Story

I perceived myself as a highly self-aware person, and because of this, I couldn’t understand why I experienced so much stress and fear.

That was until I meet Alison and her work. Once I enrolled in her teaching, I quickly realised that my self-awareness wasn’t what I thought it was; my self-awareness was only a loud inner critic voice in my head. I was a slave to my own thoughts.

Alison helped me to become a friend with my inner critic. And I am not talking about merely excepting my flaws and shortcomings; I gain much more than this.

Alison taught me how to let go of everything that prevents me from my serenity and freedom and how to welcome all kinds of experiences. Today I don’t talk about good or bad experiences anymore, as all of them are my precious compass toward my higher self.

I would highly recommend working with Alison to everyone who, despite all self-work, can’t find the way out from a labyrinth of expectations, fears, powerlessness…. She can hear beyond the words, hear what is said, what is between the words, and even hear what is not said. There are no words that could express my gratefulness for Alison. Thank you!

Copenhagen, Denmark