Sound’s Creative

Welcome to Sound’s Creative!

My name is Alison Salter. I welcome you to this healing and learning space and journey! My role here in this Centre is as a musician, music teacher, meditation facilitator and Energy Alignment Practitioner. Sound’s Creative is part of Highland Chronic Pain and Whiplash Centre, which I founded along with my Osteopath Cliff Conway in 2019. The Centre and its international team of Osteopaths fuses Meditation for Pain Management and Reduction with specialist Specific Adjustment Technique Osteopathy and Body Control Pilates to form The Trident Concept. We are dedicated to relieving people of physical, mental and emotional suffering through the modalities of specialist Pain Management and Reduction meditation, SAT Osteopathy and Body Control Pilates, treating people from the local area and also from much further afield. Please feel free to read more about My Story which led me to found The Centre and what we do:

I trained as a meditation facilitator in order to found the Centre, but prior to that I was – and still am – a multi-instrumental musician and music teacher. I have been a musician all of my life since the age of 3 originally as a brass player and teacher, then as a woodwind teacher. My main instruments over latter years have been the sax, fiddle and flute.

I taught formerly in schools in Aberdeenshire for 11 years and then moved on to found Inverness Music School here in 2012. I now merge my collective knowledge as a music teacher, meditative facilitator, an Energy Alignment Practitioner and of my knowledge of osteopathic principles and the power of sound and its capacity to heal and propel people into healthier mental, emotional and physical states of Being.

Sound's CreativeThe result is Sound’s Creative! Sound IS Creative and it moves you on the path to healing and deep learning once you know how to harness it, become aware of how you are using sound to destruct your life rather than grow it!

We aim to offer a wide range of taster sessions, workshops and courses, which may be taken alone or alternatively as part of our Chronic Pain Centre programme. I also offer a limited amount of instrumental music teaching as part of Sound’s Creative.

Our Courses are now OPEN! Please register your interest and you will be contacted in due course. All of these courses are much more potent in person rather than on Zoom but we may consider continuing to run these taster sessions and courses with an online version for those people who live outside of the Highlands.

We look forward to moving you in to better health!

Taster Sessions

Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety Taster Session
A 2 hour introduction to some basic meditation and mindfulness techniques to help calm The Mind and to discover whether our full 8-week Course would be relevant or helpful to you.
Cost: £40

Mindfulness for Physical Health Taster Session
A 2 hour introduction to some basic meditation and mindfulness techniques to discover whether our full 8-week Mindfulness for Pain management and Reduction Course would be relevant or helpful to you.
Cost: £40

Please note that there is much overlap between Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety and Mindfulness for Health. Please choose the taster session which you feel is more applicable to you at this particular moment in time.

FREE INTRODUCTORY Energy Alignment Method Taster Sessions 

Tuesday 26th October 7:30-9:30pm

A 2 hour introduction to the sound based energetic modality of EAM. This is an alternative to Meditation and Mindfulness if you have tried Meditation/Mindfulness before and struggled to connect or settle with it. EAM can be used to ‘achieve’ the same benefits as meditation but is more readily accessible. All you need is an open mind which is ready to grow into a whole new dimension and be willing to have lots of fun along the way as we open up communication with your subconscious! EAM is a practical application of the energetic principles of Kinesiology and muscle testing as a means of communication with the subconscious. It utilises the power of Sound and Repetition to heal and can be applied by the individual by being guided or individually once comfortable with the process.

It is very simple and accessible. Anyone can do it as long as you have a willingness to give it a try and you are willing to dedicate time to it! EAM is used primarily in Sound’s Creative and HCPWC to allow participants to let go of thoughts and emotions from the past which are holding them back and are causing tension either in The Mind or Body and resulting ill health whether emotionally/mentally/physically. Removing these blocks allows Space and clarity for a new fresh version of ‘You’ to emerge! A blank canvas.

In this taster session you will discover the kinesiology method, which allows easy and safe access and communication with the subconscious, where all of your beliefs, emotions, conditioning etc. is stored and which are programming and running you habitually each day. There is no need to revisit and dwell in old traumas, only to gain just enough answers which your subconscious needs to release. You do not even need to understand the trauma and how it got there in the first place! Once everyone has gained the connection with their subconscious, I will demonstrate how to release some small aspect of your life, which troubles you…we start small…please do not come to this taster session expecting to release a lifelong trauma. I guarantee every participant will achieve this connection with their subconscious in this taster session and will experience releasing something which no longer serves their present day life situation. Most people tangibly feel the negative emotions release from their body and feel much lighter and happier immediately afterwards.

The Power of Your Words, Repetition and Mirror Work

Tuesday 9th November 7:30pm-9:30pm £40
Tuesday 16th November 7:30pm-9:30pm £40

This comprises 2x 2 hour sessions which will open your awareness to the power of the words you utter. I will introduce you to the transformational power of Words and Repetition through affirmation of simple statements and learning how to source and develop these by feel rather than by thinking. We boost the power of sound by the use of a mirror. This is hugely transformational in the realms of low self worth and anxiety about events in the future. We create new outcomes purely by aligning The Mind to new ideas through Sound and Repetition alone. Tangible results in one session.

***To benefit fully from this session, we suggest that the 8-week Energy Alignment Method Introductory Course/one of our other EAM courses has been completed or is being taken at the same time as this session. This will immensely boost the potency of the techniques covered.***

Cost: Each session £40


FREE 2 hour Manifesting Money!

Tuesday 2nd November 7:30-9:30pm

If money is holding you back in life in general or from taking any of our courses, this is the course for you! It is completely free!!! A 2 hour session in which you will be introduced to methods which allow money to flow more freely to you. Focussing primarily on Universal Laws of Attraction and changing how we feel and what we say about ourselves and our lives. I used these methods to create Highland Chronic Pain and Whiplash Centre (beginning as a single Mum coming out of maternity leave and relying on handouts from anywhere I could get them – yes, my role in this Centre is one of great openness and authenticity!) and to allow The Centre to coast – and indeed grow in the background – through Covid 19 successfully. The Centre was only 10 months old when Covid hit…and we are still here stronger than ever! All you require is an open Mind free of limiting conditioning from your past and particularly your upbringing! In this Workshop, I will show you how to let go of such beliefs through the Power of Sound and allow your horizons – your life situation – to expand.
Cost: FREE

***Anyone may take this course but you will receive much greater tangible results if taken alongside any of our EAM courses.***

Moving on from Procrastination

Tuesday 13th July 3:30pm

A 2 hour workshop open to anyone for whom procrastination holds them back in life. Includes insights into what lies behind this behaviour and how to let it go along with practical techniques to reframe procrastination. Involves elements of meditation and becoming aware of the processes in The Mind and the language you use as well as the secret pleasures you are getting from procrastinating(!) which actually hold you back from achieving your full potential in this life.
Cost: £40

Sound Baths
We offer Sound Baths courtesy of Anne-Marie Lindsay at The Relaxation Lounge based in Inverness.

The healing vibration of sound is utilised in these sessions to clear the chakras in the body to allow energy to run freely through the spine and the Central Nervous System and offer the body a greater degree of healing possibilities. This can help greatly with relieving you of fatigue and a lack of motivation as well as awarding the body and mind with the greatest potential for healing. Results are tangible.

Sound Baths are open to anyone and would be greatly beneficial for individuals taking Stage 1 or Stage 3 of our Trident Concept Pain Management and Reduction Course or alongside any of the EAM courses or sessions. ***Please do not attend a Sound Bath Session alongside our HCPWC Trident Concept Stage 2 as this can interfere greatly with the potency of the osteopathic input.***

Cost: INTRODUCTORY OFFER £15 per 1 hour session


Introductory 8 week Mindfulness for Stress and Anxiety Course
An 8-week Course to help people move away from stress and anxiety when it has become a debilitating factor in life. The Course involves a significant element of noticing the language we use with ourselves and how this shapes how we feel. This course may be taken as a standalone 8-week Course or as part of our greater Trident Concept Course in Highland Chronic Pain Centre if deemed appropriate. This decision to continue onto the more in depth course may be taken at any time during the 8 weeks. Minimum of 5 to run.
Cost: £200

Please see our Treatment page for more information on the more in depth course which follows on from this introductory course.

Introductory 8 week Mindfulness for Health (Pain management and Reduction)
An 8-week course to help people realise the cause of physical pain and also what is maintaining it as part of your life and your identity. The Course involves a significant element of noticing the language we use with ourselves about the pain and suffering and how this shapes our life experience and resulting illness. This course may be taken as a standalone 8-week Course or as part of our greater Trident Concept Course in Highland Chronic Pain Centre if deemed appropriate. This decision to continue onto the more in depth course may be taken at any time during the 8 weeks. Minimum of 5 participants to run.
Cost: £200

Please see our Treatment page for more information on the more in depth course which follows on from this introductory course.

Energy Alignment Method VIP INTRODUCTORY OFFER Coming soon!
An introductory offer (designed to follow our Taster Session) to experience the power of EAM to shift your life onto a whole new level. Working 1-1, you will discover how the power of our words and intention can move ‘you’ – your energy – into a state of flow and motivation to change your life. You will be introduced to the energetic universal laws, your aura, your chakras (all of which will be aligned) and how to align Mind, Speech, Heart and Body all of which remove various blocks to you being in flow and attracting what serves you.

1-1 Sessions 90 mins in length

VIP 1-1 Sessions 3 hours in length

These sessions allow us to work on your own specific areas of your life which you have labelled as ‘problematic’. We can get some amount of conditioning shifted in 3 hours!)

Energy Alignment 8-week Follow On Course (From June 2021)
Following on from the above course, we move into specific aspects of your life where you feel stuck or have been stuck for some time, to clear energetic blocks. The Introductory sessions above are pre-requisites for this Course. Between 3-5 participants to run.
Cost: TBC

Raising Consciousness 12 week Course

January 2022

For those who have completed our full Trident Concept Course (Stages 1 and 2) through Highland Chronic Pain and Whiplash Centre as a means of continuing our meditation practice and gaining insight as we raise our conscious awareness. An advanced course based on – but not solely on – the work of Dr David Hawkins and his life dedicated to his commitment to spiritual awakening and advancement of humanity. This is a partly taught course with advanced meditative work alongside.

Cost: £300 (there is an option to pay in 2 instalments)

Pre-Requisite: HCPWC Stages 1 and 2

Presence and Healing through Drumming 8-week Course

Open to anyone regardless of musical background or training or whether or not you are suffering from any illness. It’s just great fun, with many life affirming benefits along the way! The Course is designed to allow participants to drop into the sense of Feel through the modality of Music. There will be no visual input or need to read music. As we let go of needing the eyes, we also let go of the thinking Mind and instead learn to proceed ‘by feel and by ear’, a valuable skill learnt implicitly through music and which is of supreme value to apply to all aspects of our lives. Using djembes we connect to each other in sound, vibration and feel to create a very deep and profound energetic experience and sense of Oneness between us All – inside the session and those outside too. A minimum of 4 participants to run.
Cost: £80

Individual Sessions

Individual Meditation Session
For those partaking in our Trident Course as part of Highland Chronic Pain Centre, these individual sessions are for more experienced meditators struggling with releasing or moving on with some aspect of life which is causing tension on some level in Mind or Body.
Private one – one session tailored in length to suit the client.

Cost: £51 per hour

***Participants must be currently enrolled on our HCPWC Trident Course Stages 1 or 2***

Individual EAM Session (from June 2021)
For those experienced with EAM who require individual help with a deep seated aspect of life (behaviour/trauma/recurring problems etc.) from which it is proving difficult to release emotion and let go and create something new.
Private one – one session tailored in length to suit the client.
Cost: TBC

Music Tuition

Music Tuition
I am a qualified (BMus Hons) former school music teacher and founder of the former Inverness Music School. I offer tuition on sax, flute and piano to students of all ages from age 5 upwards. I have taught several thousands of students and still retain a 100% exam rate with Associated Board and Trinity Exam Boards gathered over 16 years of tuition. Students range in standard from absolute beginner to Diploma standard (above Grade 8 – University standard). Entry to Sound’s Creative is by an 8-week trial period to see if you or your child has the time, motivation and dedication to commit to lessons and practice between lessons on a full time basis at Sound’s Creative.

8-week Trial cost:

Child (8 x 1/2 hour lessons) £184
Adult (8 x 1 hr long lessons) £360

Should we decide that you or your child continues beyond the trial period, the price then is inclusive of 11 weeks holiday per year and so reduces to a monthly payment of:

Child £79
Adult £154

***Sound’s Creative is currently full to capacity with students. I operate a waiting list. Please register your interest below and I will contact you when a place becomes available.***

Music Clinician Masterclass
I offer a master class for experienced woodwind and brass musicians who have a particular problem with which they require help and guidance. This could be anything from embouchure issues, technique, rhythm, music reading and processing, articulation, performance anxiety, etc The student should come with a particular focus on an area of playing with which they are currently experiencing difficulty, rather than with the proviso of a general music lesson. I have over 30 years of experience as a musician with a whole box of tricks and techniques at my disposal! Usually a couple of sessions will be enough to move you beyond the problem. These are not intended to be regular sessions and there will be considerable practice required between sessions (usually to undo hard-wired ingrained learnt processing which is destructive to your progress.)
Cost: £50 per hour

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