Here is a list of the symptoms which I experienced which may also be familiar to many of you and may point towards you being a suitable candidate for our SAT – based Course of Treatment. Please note that it is the combination of symptoms which points towards you being suitable for SAT treatment rather than just identifying with single symptoms.

Muscle Tension and Torsion

  • Increasing amounts of muscle tension and twisting throughout the whole body which has built up over many years and does not respond long term to stretches or exercise. You feel the constant need to stretch out muscles, but the tension returns soon after. The muscles in your back and shoulders in particular feel like they are ‘set in concrete’. The tension is exhausting but has become the new norm.
  • A twist of the head to the left/right. Often this is most noticeable to other people or when looking at photographs of yourself. In women it often just appears as coyness. You may have noticed that you are driving using only one eye because your head is so twisted to one side. It is impossible to self-correct for more than a few seconds.
  • Muscle tension down one side of the neck which does not respond long term to stretching or massage.
  • You may have been diagnosed as having a curvature/scoliosis of the spine or a degenerative spinal/upper spine condition.
  • Central Lower back pain around the lumbar region.

Inability to Correct or Improve the Condition by either Exercise or Therapy

  • Visits to countless osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists over many years, but the treatment never has a long lasting effect. You have spent lots of money, time and effort trying various therapies, only for the tension to creep back in a few days later. You feel like you are fighting a losing battle and you do not know what to try next.
  • Very weak core muscles (which may become apparent at exercise classes). They do not strengthen via normal exercises/stretches.
  • Exercise is extremely energy sapping and difficult. Nothing ever becomes easier no matter how much effort you put in. You have to put in much more effort than other people and never seem able to achieve anything similar to them.
  • Worsening problems with asthma make exercise extremely difficult.


  • You constantly feel exhausted and even minor tasks such as housework or even picking something up off the floor seem too much effort and too painful.
  • You may have had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue which may be relevant as to whether SAT is suitable for you.

Difficulty Sitting

  • A distinct inability to sit comfortably in a chair without being in discomfort. You feel constantly ill at ease sitting and fidget a lot by moving your legs and arms in order to try and get comfortable. You prefer lying down or sitting diagonally in a chair (i.e not with your back to the back of the chair) either with one leg crossed over or underneath the other..
  • A feeling that your upper body is trying to hold up your whole torso resulting in pain in the shoulders and shoulder blades.

Difficulty Walking

  • People often comment that you are limping even though to you it has become a quite normal (albeit not comfortable) gait. You may also feel an imbalance in the strength of the legs, that one leg is longer than the other or that one hip is higher than the other.
  • You tire very easily when walking. You may notice that even people who appear more overweight/more unfit/much older than you can still walk faster than you and you do not understand why.
  • You may have been told you have one leg longer than the other or diganosed with Plantar fasciitus in your feet (making it difficult to walk) which may indicate problems further up your body.
  • A clawing of the feet with the toes curled under whilst standing and walking (to try and compensate for the feeling of disparity in leg length) means you are easily fatigued and makes walking difficult and painful. The other foot may also have the opposite problem of overflexed toes (big toe pointing upwards). As a result, one or both feet do not move heel-toe when walking, but rather, you walk flat footed which causes the limping and awkwardness in your gait.
  • You find it difficult to stand without leaning on something for support. Again, photos can draw your attention to this.


You feel Imbalanced/out of Alignment from left to right and top to bottom

  • You appear extremely dominant on one side and very weak on the other (although after SAT treatment this may turn out to be the opposite way round to what you originally thought due to the many compensations) and it feels as if one side of the body is always holding up the other.  You notice that you do everything with the same hand.
  • One shoulder is higher than the other or significantly more rolled forward. Again, this shows up in photos or with bra straps or rucksack straps (you will have one strap tightened much more than the other or one side is always falling off the shoulder).
  • When you look in the mirror, you notice that the indent at your waist is higher on one side than the other.
  • The heels on your shoes are worn at a diagonal slant.


  • Anxiety or extreme introvert behaviour which is usually noticeable in childhood.
  • Problems with digestion/bowel movements and a diagnosis of IBS
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Addiction to working especially academic work and typing
  • Worsening asthma
  • Worsening problems with allergies, your immune system and complexion
  • You are restless/rigid with tension before going to sleep and you are not comfortable with your neck in any position.
  • You have a strong adversity to anyone touching or caressing you, especially around your back, neck upper arms and shoulders. As a result of the degree of pain and discomfort you have to put up with, you are often ratty and intolerant of things and people around you.

Please read about my journey through SAT treatment in My Story and how it has changed my life.

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