What Patients Say About Our Treatment

Our Centre here in the Highlands is scheduled to open in May 2019. Once our first Treatment Course is underway, we will update Testimonials to this page.

In the meantime, here are some testimonials from patients elsewhere in the UK. Please view via the pause/scroll arrows below.

Over the last couple of years Alison Salter and Clifford Conway have been working together with patients across the UK, melding SAT and Mindfulness for Pain Management and Reduction techniques. Our efforts have helped many people to return to a better state of health on a profoundly life-changing scale. These people were willing to share their stories. Together, we unite to spread the word of our unique Trident Concept© treatment approach and help other people to recover from chronic pain, fatigue and any other ongoing illness, for which all other medical approaches have failed to be effective.

03 Nov: Andrew’s Story

After 10 years of physical discomfort and tension from my neck to my hips, and various treatments from various practitioners, I seem finally to have found the solution with Alison and her team of SAT practitioners.

29 Oct: Morag’s Story

Five years on from a shunt which caused the damage to my neck and spine, I’m finally on the mend. It’s also sorted a sore hip and IBS!

23 Oct: Carolyn’s Story

Since May 2019 my life has transformed. I embarked on a life changing journey which is already proving to offer a better quality of life. To date, this journey has been short [just over two months] but from the way I already feel and look I can confirm that it is well worth it!

21 Oct: Ali’s Story

I have not been disappointed and would go as far as to say this has not only begun to change my life by giving me a physical freedom I have not felt in years (I am only part way through treatment) but has cemented a new lifestyle and philosophy I was searching for!

20 Oct: Jake’s Story

Physically the year preceding had seen me decline from an athlete hanging on by a tether to his pride joy and sanity to a sombre and humbled 25year old dependent on a zimmerframe to even get around the house.

19 Oct: Vivienne’s Story

My mental & physical wellness is much improved thanks to Alison & the whole Team of professionals working with her.

05 Mar: Helen’s Story

It’s difficult to remember how debilitating things had become; due to painful nerve pain in my left leg and right shin, and muscle aches almost everywhere, especially in my thoracic region, I had trouble standing, walking or driving for any length of time.