Trident Course

Option 1: The Trident Concept Course

This is our Full All-Inclusive 7 month Signature Trident Concept Course.
Our Testimonials are from individuals who have completed this course.


  • Introductory Stage 1 8-week Pain Management and Reduction Course
  • 21 x Stage 2 Mindfulness sessions over the duration of 5 months with a choice of modules
  • 8 x SAT Osteopathic Appointments
  • Continued email support for 3 months following end of Stage 2 while you settle into your Stage 3 Pilates re-strengthening and re-balancing programme.

Payments spread over 10 months for affordability: £93 per month. Payments made via Direct Debit. Payments for the full amount may also be made upfront. Participants entering the Course with full commitment and belief will benefit most profoundly from the Treatment Course.

Option 2: Flexible Follow on Course from Standalone Stage 1 Introductory 8-week Courses

This allows you to still benefit from the potency of The Trident Concept but in a way which suits your current level and areas of interest, commitment and financial situation if you feel you would struggle to commit financially or in dedication to meditation practice time to Option 1.


  • 8 x SAT Osteopathic Appointments

Payments spread over 5 months: £96 per month. Payments will be made through Direct Debit. We strongly recommend that the osteopathic treatment over 5 months is completed for maximum effect and longevity.

  • Stage 2 Mindfulness Courses. Proceed course by course in a Pay as You Go format as far as your desire, time and financial situation allows. You may stop at any point in the course without further payment.

All Courses charged as advertised in addition to the direct debit of £96 above. For maximum potency, the Mindfulness Courses and Meditation practice should be taken alongside the Osteopathic Treatment without breaks if possible. The regular meditation calms and resets the Central Nervous System and teaches it a new state of Being, away from pain and struggle to which it has become accustomed. The more breaks you have from this regular meditation whilst going through this course, the less potent the treatment becomes. Nevertheless, there is the option here if you feel your commitment is going to be unavoidably interrupted by financial or time management matters.

If your (physical/mental/emotional) health has deteriorated to the point that it is life limiting or debilitating and you feel you are ready to put yourself and your health first for the coming months, above all else, and above other people too, then please choose Option 1.

Option 3: SAT Osteopathic Treatment only

Please note that our Testimonials relating to full recovery from symptoms relate to the combination of Mindfulness (addressing the emotional and mental state) AND Osteopathic Treatment (addressing more directly the physical state and a degree of emotional/mental – Options 1 or 2 above). The intensity and longevity of improvements will in most cases not be as potent when the Mindfulness element is not undertaken simultaneously; the degree to which is dependent on the individual’s medical history.


  • 8 x SAT Osteopathic Appointments

£96 per month over 5 months of SAT Osteopathic Treatment. Payments made via Direct Debit.

***We are not currently offering this Option due to unforeseen Covid related circumstances.***